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MORhomes is a unique and innovative borrowing vehicle for the UK social housing sector. It is constituted as a PLC and applies the highest standards of corporate governance. Its shares are owned by over 60 major not-for-profit UK housing associations. Its public debt is traded on the London Stock Exchange. We raise finance on the bond markets and lend it on to housing associations, who must be shareholders. Our first public issue of £250m was completed in February 2019 and we have now on-lent £457m.

All MORhomes bonds are Social Bonds in accordance with the Social Bond Principles 2018

We now have a Sustainable Bond Framework that enables us to issue Sustainability Bonds
in accordance with the Sustainability Bond Guidelines 2018

Created by Housing Associations, owned by Housing Associations and run for the benefit of Housing Associations


Read how MORhomes’ borrowers have responded to the coronavirus crisis

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Quarterly Business Reviews


3 August 2021: As of 2021, MORhomes received an MSCI ESG Rating of AA
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12 July 2021: Annual Report and Quarterly Business Update
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22 April 2021: Melin Homes completes MORhomes’ Sustainable Housing Assessment
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