A new borrowing experience
Our mission is to support the provision of Social and Affordable Housing in the United Kingdom by acting as a central borrowing vehicle designed to facilitate access to the capital markets by not for profit, registered social housing providers.

The attached presentation shows an introduction to MORhomes.


The founding shareholders consist of 50+ major borrowing housing associations who have sponsored the setting up of MORhomes. In future all borrowers, who will also be housing associations, will automatically subscribe for additional shares in proportion to their borrowing.

Designed by Housing Associations for the benefit of Housing Associations, MORhomes transforms access to the debt markets by providing:

This is achieved by addressing the concerns of investors while leveraging on the strength of the sector as one of the largest and best rated groups of borrowers in the sterling market. By pooling the need for debt, MORhomes is able to attract better terms from a wider range of lenders than would be available to individual borrowers.

Working with leading legal and financial advisers in the field we have produced a sound business plan to borrow £1billion a year using a ‘medium term note’ (MTN) bond programme. The sponsoring housing associations have given the go ahead (and funds) to set-up the company and issue the first bond. A non-exec Board and CEO have been appointed.